a different direction
One day, while Donahoe and Pace were sitting at a downtown Boise pub, they observed hundreds of autumn leaves on a tree suddenly fly in the opposite direction one would assume leaves to fly. The leaves raced for the sky as if drawn by a powerful vacuum.

Donahoe turned to Pace and said, “I think I have our new tagline.”

Pace, always the skeptic, “I hope it’s better than ‘Because someone has to do your ads.”

“It is,” Donahoe assured him. “We do what those leaves are doing on that tree. We go in a different direction. We turn things around. We strive for the unexpected and surprising. We go through the heart to reach the head. We–“

“That’s a really a long tagline,” Pace interrupted.

“No, you idiot!” Tom countered half-jokingly. “’A different direction.’ That’s Donahoe Pace and Partners! It’s what we do. It’s who we are.”

After a short pause, Pace said, “You’re right. It works.”

“It lacks the ambiguity and ironical humility of ’Because someone has to do your ads,’” observed Donahoe.

“Plus the fact that line really sucks.”

Donahoe rose and walked away leaving Pace to pick up the check.